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Sip warmth with our Pumpkin Hot Toddy! Tequila, (yes tequila!) lemon, and pumpkin syrup create a cozy blend. Cheers to comforting sips!

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pumpkin hot toddy

Discover the perfect blend of tangy grapefruit, tequila, and warm cinnamon in our Cinnamon Paloma cocktail. Spice up your evening today!

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cinnamon paloma

Sip on a comforting Campari Hot Apple Toddy: warm, fruity, with a touch of bitterness. Perfect for chilly evenings!

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campari hot apple toddy

Fall’s jolt of flavor: Pumpkin Spiced Espresso Martini, a perfect blend of pumpkin spice and espresso with a rye whiskey kick.

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pumpkin spice espresso martini

Sip the zesty sophistication of our ginger sage sour cocktail; a spicy blend of flavors for a refreshing and aromatic experience.

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flower sermon

Savor the autumn magic with our kale and squash tacos – a delicious bite with great seasonal flavors!

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kale & squash tacos

Who knew that tequila and RumChata would make such a fun combo! This cocktail is creamy, smooth, and delicious.

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Indulge in the sweet elegance of our Rose Apple Pie – a delightful twist on a classic dessert with a visual floral flair.

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rose apple pie

Take your margaritas to the next level by flavoring them with apple cider. This fall cocktail is packed with loads of flavors and spices!

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apple cider margarita

Enjoy the flavors of fall with our delicious Autumn Kale Salad recipe. This salad is packed with great seasonal flavors.

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autumn kale salad

Dive into this extremely moist gluten-free pumpkin chai zucchini bread. A family staple in the fall months that is always a hit!

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gluten-free pumpkin chai zucchini bread

Discover the perfect blend of sweet and smoky with our maple cinnamon whiskey sour recipe.

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maple cinnamon whiskey sour

Savor autumn’s essence with our delectable roasted pumpkin sandwich. Discover the perfect blend of seasonal flavors in every bite. A must-try!

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roasted pumpkin sandwich

Savor this season with an apple cider mezcal margarita; a smoky, fruity twist on a classic cocktail for a refreshing autumn sip!

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apple cider mezcal margarita

Delight in these gluten free pumpkin carrot muffins; a perfect blend of fall flavors for your morning coffee or tea!

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pumpkin carrot muffins

Indulge in a fall creamy decadence with our butternut squash risotto recipe; a perfect blend of comfort and elegance on a plate!

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butternut squash risotto

Elevate your cocktail game with our spiced honey pear martini recipe; a delightful fusion of sweet pears and warm spices, perfect for fall!

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spiced honey pear martini

Experience the warmth of a cinnamon rosemary old fashioned cocktail; a delightful twist on a classic, perfect for cozy evenings

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cinnamon rosemary old fashioned

Indulge in velvety goodness with our maple sweet potato puree; a delectable side dish that’s both comforting and elegant!

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maple sweet potato puree

This pumpkin whiskey sour is perfect for fall and is a great twist on a classic cocktail to bring the seasonal flavors to life!

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pumpkin whiskey sour

Is it fall yet? Discover this sweet and savory pumpkin pasta recipe topped with fried sage leaves.

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pumpkin pasta

Discover the perfect harmony of juicy roasted chicken and flavorful veggies in this mouthwatering dish.

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roasted chicken and veggies

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